Coming 2021 from Tinberbox Editions

Body of Render

Coming in 2020 from Red Hen Press

Winner of the 2018 Benjamin Saltman Award


Instrument of Gaps

Slope Editions 2018

“...& you speak to the mouse in the oven drawer; how no coax, no out-out, simple intonations as before a hymn; you remember the weight of the log in small palms & he, riding the lawn mower in circles, Best be done now; & the bulbous shadow moving, then not; the sweat of you in cower; how we forgive ourselves least…”
                                - from "Where gentle"


& in Open, Marvel

Parlor Press/Free Verse Editions 2017

& in Open, Marvel grapples with wonder in everyday existence. A sense of quietness through seasonal change threads the interlaced contemplations in the collection, which approach the twice-removed space we occupy from the physical world. The act of mind and body is experienced as a journey for both writer and reader. How we are all elements in fall. How we are all purpose. How what makes us connects us. How there are lovely works beyond us, which in turn, include us. How we plead to ourselves, See…just see.


Of Form & Gather

University of Notre Dame Press 2017

2016 Andrés Montoya Poetry Prize Winner

Of Form & Gather marks the dazzling debut of Felicia Zamora, whose poems concern themselves with probing questions, not facile answers. 

“Dear whisperers, dear wombs, dear promises, dear leaves, dear bones, dear sparrow-shadows, dear you—Felicia Zamora has written all of you a book of poems, a book of togetherness, a book of to-gather-ness. Here the world in all its dark phenomenal vitality digs down into the ‘distinct separation felt between clauses’ and there takes root, and there too the ghosts and the animals speak, and every distance reveals itself as a link. Charting out circles and cycles and containments, these poems also become that complicated mirror that doesn’t simply reflect us back to ourselves, but as all that is not exactly us, where the body goes animal, goes vegetal, ‘& mind becomes becomes becomes’” — Dan Beachy-Quick, author of gentlessness

“Felicia Zamora’s Of Form & Gather is a sustained, attentive, meditation on an ancient problem in the philosophy of art: the relation of parts and wholes. She writes ‘We were made to be made up of’ as her book explores the myriad ways our words, thoughts, and very cells are ‘in’: within, instilling, in motion, inhabiting, inside, in ellipsis, believing in, and beginning: ‘If you trace anything back to origin,’ she writes, ‘—more trails, more fingerprints, more quiet notes hanging on lines of pages/ in wait of instrument, a baton to lift.’” — Susan Stewart, author of The Poet’s Freedom and Cinder