Felicia Zamora

Felicia Zamora

Poet. Writer. Educator. Thing.



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The delicate balance of writing. 

Writing is a delicate balance between love, obsession, and need. I constantly wonder about my humanity. I ask difficult questions like: What makes us? and What makes us special? I think the natural world fascinates in even the most ordinary things. When I speak of things, I speak of living, cellular beings which include you and me. I feel comforted by considering myself a thing. It allows me to have a deeper connection with this world. If I am a thing, just as a mulberry bush, a mollusk, or a tube worm are things, I feel more implicated, more responsible for this life. My choices and actions are influenced as I navigate nature as part of nature. I am not here to be a bystander. Perhaps this is what I am trying to figure out. What? I am figuring that out, everyday, learning and impacting simultaneously.