Poetry. Poetry. Poetry.

Here are a few of the journals who have taken a chance on my writing. Explore if you like. Get to know me through my work. 



“Bee in the Barn” (forthcoming)

The Nation

“Bodies & Water” (forthcoming)

Hayden’s Ferry Review

“Homing Anatomy” (forthcoming)

The Missouri Review (Poem of the Week)

“Headspace Prayer”

Boston Review

Three Poems

The Academy of American Poets (Poem-A-Day)

“The Exercise of Forgiving”

LanA turner

Three Poems

The Georgia Review

Two Poems

Prairie Schooner

Two Poems

West Branch

Two Poems

Denver Quarterly

Three Poems

The Collagist

“In the nation’s capitol”


Five Poems


Two Poems

Poetry Northwest

"Continuous Non-Replication" and "Where gentle"

Poetry Daily

"& in wonder too"

TriQuarterly Review

"Fallible Roundness" and "In Practice"

The Adirondack Review

"Distinct Separation Felt", "In Reflections of a Thing", & "Toward the End of the Day"

Tarpaulin Sky Press

"In Perihelion", "Broken Things", & "Centripetal"

The Normal School

"Picture of the Hive", "Alone at the Lake", & "In Hush"

Witness Magazine

Selections from "Imbibe {et alia} here"


"Book of Robin in the Bird"

Michigan Quarterly Review

In storms

west Branch

“& all the names given", “The title of this page hides you”, "Not not", and "In outline"

Columbia Poetry Review

“In extant” and “This lure”

Cutbank Literary Journal

“In still”

Hotel Amerika

“This tug” and “Of ghosts”

Indiana Review

“Decoy” - Runner-up for the 2015 1/2K Prize


“& in wonder too”


“No fisher”


“Book of Robin in the Bird - VI. Allantois dries—the chick uses her own lungs”



the Burnside Review


THe Cincinnati Review

“In tuck”


“In middle with other”, “O for Passage”, and “Peel-Back”; sections of “Imbibe {et alia} here”: [These bones in the mouth], [Truant, your idle], [When cupped, the hand], [What interiors the egg], [On the topic of legerdemain], and [No, the hive sags] from “Imbibe {et alia} here”.

Bellevue Literary Review


Dogwood: A Journal of Poetry and Prose

“The Dust Suit” and selections [In constant hide & wait. Numerator,] and [Do you remember] from “Quotient” and sections of “Imbibe {et alia} here”: [Cast {in/away} of—], [Bribe the whalebone in your back—], [What lends to the transit:], [Slur “and per se” —], [More than twice-removed], [We watch, through sorrow and lenses], [The wheelbarrows all], [Autonomic {all], [Leave this distance; this observation], and [Once the empty heavies] from “Imbibe {et alia} here”;

Cimarron Review



Sections [Biology interlaces universal], [Look closer: points of flakes], [Quantity contained], [to count on wings & lashes], [In stories before], and [In hygroscopic attraction] from “Quotient”

Ellipsis...literature and art

“In bright”

North American Review

"A Long Road Never Takes Us”


"In dusk”

Puetro de Sol

Sections [Are we? Alone is but a state] and [Aspen colonies derive] from “In Beatitude”

The pinch journal

“Periodic Table” and "Before Winter"

Zone 3


Potomac Review

“We return sparkling”;

The caroline quarterly

“{Honest} Random {Caused By Desire to De-Categorize} Self”;