Story. Story. Poetry. Poetry. You. You.

Poetry is everywhere, in each one of us. You need not dig very deep before you find yourself eyeballs deep in a poem. We don't always arrive at the page a welcome guest; yet the importance of word to world swells inside us. Sometimes poetry arrives in us from the past; sometimes from the future; & sometimes still, unexpectedly in the burrowing night. The journey of a singular being is not one to explore lightly...especially that of your own self journey. Growing up in a small town in Iowa as a bi-racial dreamer started my path toward my incessant relationship with poetry. My mother was a single parent with three very roiling children who instilled independence and self-awareness in us from day one. I learned very early on that words have weight. To this day, I believe words have weight. Understanding this, allows me to interact with word and world with witness and with delicacy. I ask questions. To question the self is part of each of our stories. Where is your story now? What makes you? What makes your chest swell? Poetry makes me swell. Poetry in story; story in poetry; you in both; and when I say "you" I mean me. See, this is how we become...word to word into world.